Introduce yourself. Explain briefly why you are contacting him/her and what you can do:

"I appreciate your taking my call. My name is Jane Morgan, and I sent you a letter with my resume last week. Is this a convenient time to ask you a couple of quick questions? (Wait for an answer.) I am looking for a position as a graphic artist in which I can use my desktop publishing skills. I've had two years' experience designing and producing brochures,newsletters and training materials. This past year I saved my employer $6000 by doing the work he'd previously hired out to a graphic artist."

Inquire about openings (and referrals, if appropriate).

"I am calling to inquire as to whether you currently have an opening for a (job title).”

If the response is "YES," you can say:

"I'd very much like to find out more about the position. Could we set up a 10-15 minute appointment for me to come in to talk with you?" (Be "gently persistent" about getting this opportunity to meet face-to-face with the employer. Any time you get face-to-face with the person who has the power to hire, you greatly increase your chances of being hired.)

If the response is “NO," you can say:

"Do you anticipate any openings in the future?"

If the response is "YES," you can say:

"I'd like to find out more about your company and the future opening. Could we set up a 10-15 minute appointment for me to come in to talk to you?”

(Again, be "gently persistent.")

If the response is “NO," you can say:

"Thank you very much for your time. I just have one more question: Could you recommend two or three companies or individuals who might be interested in someone with my skill?

(Get the information. Verify spelling of people’s names.)May I tell them you referred me? Thank you very much for your help!"

Send a brief thank-you email or letter that evening or the next day to any employer who has offered to meet with you or has provided any referrals of other people you should contact.


Using this method, it is possible to set up one interview for each hour of work that you put in contacting employers directly by phone. It is usually best to make your contacts in the morning and then do follow up job search work in the afternoon (sending out resumes, going to interviews, filling out applications, personal contact work, etc.). If you are intentional about making these contacts you will find job openings. Give it a try!

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