The Student Life Office mission is to enrich the educational environment by creating an intentionally relational, safe and vibrant community where students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the world. We are committed to providing you with opportunities to grow so you can live out the mission God has for you. We hope that beyond excelling in the classroom, you’ll use your talents and abilities to get involved, be a leader on campus, and allow Christ’s love and grace to show in all you do. Check out our Guide to Student Life

Leadership Greetings

President FerryOn behalf of the entire university community, I am pleased to welcome you to Concordia. You have come to a special place. Concordia’s history is a rich and interesting one, and you follow in the path of some remarkable predecessors. Hopefully, you will soon gain an appreciation for the stories and traditions that have shaped this university so far.

As much as I enjoy reflecting upon Concordia’s past and the blessings that the university has enjoyed, it is really the future for CUAA that is most compelling. You have come to campus at a truly exciting time, and you will experience that future right now. More than that, you have an opportunity to help shape that future by your involvement, along with the rest of Concordians, in the life of this university. I encourage you to make the most of your Concordia experience and trust that the same Lord who has blessed us in the past will be with and among us now and in the future.

If your experience is anything like that of most others who have walked these halls before you, it will feel like time flies by. I hope that you are ready for the ride! Get set for an educational experience and learning opportunity that will have a significant shaping influence on your life. We are counting on you to grow, as Concordia’s mission describes, “in mind, body and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and world.” You will be blessed at Concordia, and from Concordia we know that you will be a blessing to others.

Yours in Jesus,
Rev. Patrick T. Ferry, Ph.D.

President FerryAs the Dean of Students, I join with the entire Student Life Office to enhance the quality of student life at Concordia University. Our aim is to facilitate an intentionally relational, safe and vibrant community, “helping students develop in mind, body and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the World.”

It is our hope that as a student you will take advantage of the multiple opportunities that challenge, inspire, and expand your worldview through connections with faculty, staff, student peers, and the surrounding Ann Arbor area. We want you, as a student, to be an active partner in your educational journey, willing to transform our world.

We encourage you to apply yourself in the faith development, volunteer opportunities, leadership, and activities offered at Concordia. We believe you will live up to a very high standard of personal behavior, respecting the community standards inherent to a Lutheran higher education community. We are willing to serve in any way we can so you will learn to make wise and responsible decisions based upon communication with others and our loving God.

As fellow Cardinals, we invite you to drop by our office in the Student Services Center to say "hello”, share highlights of your CUAA experience, seek advice, or present any concerns.

Serving Jesus and you,
Rev. John Rathje
Dean of Students