What is the Boar’s Head Festival?


Each December, students, faculty, staff and community members come together to enact medieval Christmas traditions and the story of Christ’s birth in this moving spectacle. Beginning in 1978 through the vision of three Concordia professors—Paul Foelber, John Sturmfels and Quentin Marino—the Boar’s Head Festival has become a treasured memory for many. It remains a vibrant and living tradition as it continues to profess the wonder of the Christmas miracle.

Boars Head, 2017: Kings
Boars Head, 2017: Mary and Joseph
Boars Head, 2017

We encourage anyone from CUAA to the community to be involved in The Boar’s Head Festival. Join us by contacting Amanda Williams, Director of Theatre and Kreft Arts Programing, at Amanda.Williams@cuaa.edu.