More than just classrooms

Concordia University Ann Arbor offers you more than a degree. Here, you can learn fully—in mind, body, and spirit—and be completely you. In class and out of class, you will make real connections—relationships that will last a lifetime with people who sincerely want to see you achieve your fullest potential. Learn more about Concordia life.


Of new freshmen reside on campus


Days a week of chapel services


Suite-style residence halls


Acres on the Huron River

Letter from the Dean of Students

As the Dean of Students, my goal is to facilitate the development of students in mind, body, and spirit by providing opportunities which create a purposeful, open, just, disciplined, caring, and celebratory community. Our shared campus goal is to serve Christ in the Church and the World. I believe you’ll join me in that goal, and make it your goal for life.

It is our hope that as a student you will take advantage of the multiple opportunities that challenge, inspire, and expand your worldview through connections with faculty, staff, classmates, and the surrounding Ann Arbor area. We encourage you to explore and grow in your faith development, volunteer opportunities, leadership, and activities offered at Concordia.

We believe you will live up to a very high standard of personal behavior, respecting the community standards inherent to Lutheran higher education. We are willing to serve you in any way we can so that you will learn to make wise and responsible decisions based upon communication with others and our loving God.

As a fellow Cardinal, I invite you to drop by my office in the Student Services Center building to say "Hi!”, share highlights of your CUAA experience, seek advice, or present any concerns.

See you on campus!
Rev. John Rathje
Dean of Students

Residence Life

Calling campus home

Looking for the full college life experience? Concordia’s unique residence halls host a maximum of 32 residents per building and offer spacious common areas for limitless bonding time that will create a lifetime of friendships and memories.

Residence Life

Campus Eats

No college experience is complete without food (it’s pretty amazing actually). There are plans for all dietary needs, with an emphasis on quality and healthy food options every day.

Get Involved

Your life at Concordia will take you far beyond the classroom. From service work to student organizations to mission trips, our students have opportunities to get out there, try new things, and make a real difference in the Church and world.

Campus Life

If you have any questions about campus life, please contact the office of Student Life.

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