Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. Whether you want to enhance your job prospects, learn about another culture, or communicate with over 400 million people around the globe, CUAA’s Spanish minor can help you get there.

The CUAA Advantage

  • Study abroad, gain a global perspective, and interact with people of another culture within a quality academic program
  • Small classroom sizes and personal connections with teachers and administrators
  • Many on-campus activities that build leadership skills
  • Individualized placement allows you to start at the most appropriate level without taking a placement test

Credit Hour Details

Credit hours: 24*

*You can earn credit for Spanish 201 and 202 through transfer credits or high school equivalency effectively making the minor 18 credits.

Learning Outcomes

A minor in Spanish will teach you how to:

  • Build grammar skills, increase vocabulary, improve language skills and gain a greater understanding of the Spanish-speaking world
  • Enhance conversational skills by increasing oral and auditory abilities
  • Build confidence speaking in conversational Spanish
  • Improve Spanish writing skills
  • Learn the basic terminology and concepts of linguistics, the sound system, morphology, and syntax of Spanish as compared to English
  • Interact within the Spanish culture in culturally appropriate ways

Career Paths

Becoming fluent in Spanish can open doors to careers in:

  • Interpretation and translation
  • Teaching
  • Tourism and travel
  • Healthcare
  • Missions
  • Social services
  • Government
  • International business
  • Journalism and communications


CUAA’s curriculum for the Spanish minor includes coursework in Intermediate Spanish, Conversation and Composition, Applied Linguistics, and Advanced Grammar and Composition.

Spanish courses can fulfill two requirements of the university's Core Curriculum:

  • Elective core: Language
  • Narrative core: Culture

Complementary Majors

A minor in Spanish is a perfect complement to many majors and career paths including:

  • Teaching
  • Social Services
  • International business
  • Healthcare
  • Theology and mission work

Recommended High School Prep

  • English
  • Math
  • Lab Science
  • Social Studies
  • Foreign Language

Your Faculty

Sara Rokicki
Associate Professor of Spanish
Fulbright Scholar to Argentina and Uruguay