At Concordia University Ann Arbor, you have the opportunity to go beyond the classroom and see the world. Many of our programs offer global studies trips such as English courses taking an unforgettable trip to London or having the amazing opportunity to visit the Holy Land. There are many trips to take advantage of, a few are listed below.

Annual Spring Term in London

Spend the end of your spring semester in the beautiful, historic city of London. What better city to take courses such as "Urban Society" or "Twentieth Century Arts and Culture" and actually see what you're studying in person. Next trip leaves in May 2018.

A Trip to the Holy Land

Daniel Flynn takes around 30 people from both CUAA and CUW to the Holy Land. While there, see major Old Testament and New Testament sites along with experiencing Middle Eastern culture. Stay tuned for more information on their January 2019 trip.


BIO 367/368 Ecology of the Tropics, offered during the fall semester, takes an annual trip during Winterim to a tropical location. Both CUAA and CUW students participate in the class. This year’s trip was a cruise to the Panama Canal. During this trip, students stopped at the Everglades and Flamingo Garden in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, tubed down a river in Jamaica, canoed through the mangroves in Cartagena, Columbia, went through the locks of the Panama Canal, took a railway and canal tour of Costa Rica, and swam with dolphins and stingrays in Grand Cayman. Stay tuned for the next tropical trip in January 2019!