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Bachelor of Arts in Art

A Bachelor’s in Art gives you a well-rounded liberal arts education, teaching you to perceive the world around you through the lens of visual communication.

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Explore a broad range of disciplines within the life sciences.

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Thought

The Christian Thought major combines critical thinking and communication with a rigorous study of God’s Word.

Bachelor of Arts in Classical Education

Our Classical Education program will prepare you to take a tried and true approach to teaching others.

Bachelor of Arts in English

Explore a world of possibilities with a degree in English from Concordia.

Bachelor of Arts in History

The History program allows you explore patterns in history with a focus in U.S., European or Global perspectives and consider the meaning of history from a Christian perspective.

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication

With a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication, you will learn influential and prevailing tools that allow you to relate to millions.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

A degree in Mathematics from Concordia prepares you for any number of career opportunities.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Music provides a shared experience and is a beautiful means of communicating with others.

Bachelor of Arts in Parish Music

The Parish Music program prepares students to create and lead music in a variety of styles for worship in church settings.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

The Philosophy major at Concordia enriches your life, your mind, and your professional potential.

Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Seminary Studies

The bachelor’s degree in pre-seminary studies is designed to provide students with a basic overview of the Scriptures, Lutheran doctrine, and biblical languages.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Bachelor’s in Psychology program will ground you in science, procedures, theories, vocabulary and principles of psychology so you can live a life of Christian service.

Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies

Study society and human behavior, both past and present, with a Concordia University Ann Arbor Social Studies major.

Bachelor of Arts in Theological Languages

A Bachelor’s in Theological Languages equips you to interact with major theological works and develop a deep understanding of God’s Word.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Programming and Problem-Solving: Our computer science program prepares students to learn the language of computers.

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

A Bachelor’s in Exercise Science can prepare you for many paths that shape people’s lives for the better, from becoming a healthcare professional, working in fitness training, conducting clinical research or wellness coaching.


Master of Science in Athletic Training

CUAA’s Master of Science in Athletic Training program (MSAT) is a 5 year professional program that prepares students to confidently enter an athletic training career.

Master of Science in Computer Science

Our Computer Science program will help you develop skills in software development, computer science research, and information technology systems.


Minor in Chemistry

If you’re curious about the composition, structure, and behavior of the world around you, consider a minor in Chemistry at Concordia University Ann Arbor.

Minor in Physical Science

From physics and astronomy to chemistry and earth science, Concordia University Ann Arbor’s Physical Science minor exposes you to a broad array of scientific subjects.

Minor in Physics

Explore and study the physical universe with a minor in Physics at Concordia University Ann Arbor.

Minor in Sociology

If you’re interested in human nature and find relationships between people fascinating, explore a Sociology minor at Concordia University Ann Arbor.

Minor in Spanish

Broaden your communication skills with a Spanish minor at Concordia University Ann Arbor.

Minor in Theatre

Theatre is a community pursuit that will leave you with a better understanding of the world around you.

Minor in Worship Arts Leadership

Use your musical gifts and leadership abilities to serve and lead others.


Pre-Deaconess Studies

Serve your community, your church, and the world through our Pre-Deaconess Studies program.