Transforming educators into servant leaders

Our society needs strong, healthy, resilient families in order to function properly. The Family Life Department will prepare you to equip families with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to not just survive but to thrive. As a graduate of the Family Life Program, you will become a Certified Family Life Educator and will make a positive impact on families in a church, hospital, or community setting. Not only will you learn to help others build healthy Christ-like relationships throughout the life span, you will find that what you have learned in this program will have a significant impact on your own life.

Vision Statement

The CUAA Family Life Program exists to professionally prepare you, the family life student, through academic and practical training as Certified Family Life Educators for service to communities, hospitals or churches. We walk alongside you as you learn how to develop and implement family programming and personal interventions which support families and offer opportunities to be tools to pass on faith in Jesus Christ to the next generation. We incorporate the latest research from the interdisciplinary field of family science, and we utilize a variety of teaching methods in each of our classes to maximize your learning experience.


Master of Science in Education - Family Life

Strengthen families through education and inspiration with our Master’s in Education - Family Life