Connecting donors and students for life, the Adopt-A-Student program fosters the opportunity for caring Christians to personally be in contact with a student. Each Adopt-A-Student donor is assigned a student by the University and receives personal letters from the student sharing progress, challenges, and joys. This is a partnership that, by God’s grace, helps students overcome financial limitations in order to attend CUAA.


Adopt-A-Student participants give $1000, either as a one-time gift or through several gifts spread throughout the year. All Adopt-A-Student donations are used exclusively for student aid. Students receiving some type of tuition grant aid and who apply for Adopt-A-Student are eligible to participate in the program. After the financial needs of each student are carefully evaluated, financial aid is awarded based on those needs

Adopt-A-Student gifts, when pooled together, can provide significant dollars in student assistance.

For more information contact Rev. Dr. Roy R. Peterson, Vice President of Advancement.