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In Awesome Wonder - Finding Our Place In God's Creation (10/28/15)

Climate change. Droughts. Extinctions. Water poverty. These are some of the great fears and challenges of our day. As a result, many of us are committed to living in an environmentally responsible way. But is there more to our life in creation than taking care of it so that things don’t get worse? Have you ever stopped to wonder why a sunset is so beautiful? Or why a blood moon eclipse can stop us in our tracks as we look up at the sky? There might be something more to creation that we often miss, something that can bring wonder into your life and give you a fresh sense of gratitude and contentment. Led by Rev. Dr. Charles Arand, professor and Dean of Theological Research and the Director of the Center for the Care of Creation at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.

Watch the Round Table from Wednesday, October 28th