"Committed" is the word that sums up CUAA student-athletes

They are committed to success—on the field or on the court, in the classroom, and in their personal lives as well. But the word also describes the CUAA community as a whole and its desire to see every student-athlete take their next steps on their journey of faith.

Because about half of our traditional undergraduate population participates in an intercollegiate sport, the integration of faith and athletics is a high value for our coaches and campus ministry team. Below are just a few of the ways Cardinal athletes can expect to find their faith put in focus during their time at Concordia.

Team chapels

Every Thursday, student-athletes attend Daily Chapel and sit with their teammates for worship. Many athletes also choose to attend chapel on their own on the other days of the week. However, by designating a special day for team worship, it serves as a reminder that your commitment to your teammates extends beyond the playing field.

Team prayers and devotions

Each team does it differently, but if you sign on to become a Cardinal athlete, you can look forward to meaningful opportunities for prayer or devotions before competitions.

Alpha Omega

These monthly “house parties” give all students, but especially student-athletes, the opportunity to enjoy fellowship, food, and a Christian testimony in the common area of one of the resident halls.

Student athlete leader team

SALT is made up of a group of leaders from each athletic team who come together to find ways to improve the student-athlete experience, get involved on campus and in the community, and be each other’s biggest fans. SALT is perhaps most well-known for the annual CARDYs award show each spring that honors the achievements and accomplishments of student-athletes, teams, and campus supporters.

Athletes in Action

At Concordia, we actively support student leaders who want to take their faith and the faith of their teammates to the next level through an organization called Athletes in Action. AIA provides Gospel-centered perspectives on the latest sports news and athletic culture topics. CUAA students meet in groups both large and small to have fellowship with one another, grow in their faith, and deepen relationships with one another. Each AIA group leader is paired with a staff or coach mentor for support, wisdom, and accountability.

For more information about the Concordia athletic department, contact Athletic Director Lonnie Pries at lonnie.pries@cuaa.edu.