Christian Life

Relational, relatable, relevant

Those three words describe Campus Ministry at CUAA.  Living a full Christian life is about more than worship.  CUAA is committed to an environment that welcomes all students and invites them to ask questions and dig deeper as they grow, learn, and better understand God's calling in their lives.  For over 50 years, the motto of "Christ First in Everything" has been the foundational building block of our university.  Today, we continue to be a Christ-centered university.  We are active and intentional in our mission—to help students “develop...for service to Christ in the Church and the World.”


Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel Worship services meet in the Chapel of the Holy Trinity each day of the regular school year from 10:30 am to 10:50 am. Each service will be Christ-centered, consistently excellent, and engaging and participatory. A variety of musical instruments are used, whether a worship arts band, piano, or organ. Most weeks emphasize a “Series,” allowing Daily Chapel to have a sense of continuity and connection.

Groups & Activities

A myriad of ministry opportunities

CUAA is not only a place for you to learn to know Christ more fully, it’s a place where you’re encouraged to make Him more fully known to others. Our students are regularly engaged in service to each other, the Church, and our community in various ways.

The Campus Ministry Leadership Team (CMLT) is the student force behind many of the campus ministry organizations on campus that unite under the same mission of helping students develop and grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.


Serving the community

Service is an integral part of the daily life and mission of Concordia University Ann Arbor. Not only is service a core value, as we strive to service others in caring, helpful, and knowledgeable ways, but our mission is not fulfilled until our students go out into the Church and the world as servants of Christ.

Some of the ways Concordia practices service is through a mission of the month, dedicating support to a project or organization in the area, sending students on mission trips, and through the various service initiatives of student clubs, organizations, teams, or departments.

By creating and cultivating opportunities for the campus community to regularly serve our brothers and sisters in Christ, we demonstrate the love of Christ who came to earth not to be served but to serve.

Upcoming Campus Ministry Events

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