A holistic experience

We firmly believe that your time at Concordia will be a transformational experience… not just academically, but in other ways as well. By choosing CUAA, you are choosing to join an active and supportive community. All of our clubs, organizations, and teams are waiting for you to enjoy. Part of Concordia’s mission is to prepare you for service wherever you end up. Service is key to our identity and that will shape you, as a Concordian. Getting involved in CUAA activities allows you to grow in abilities, knowledge, and passion for the sake of giving to others.

The Arts

Explore your creative side

The Kreft Arts at Concordia University Ann Arbor strives to inspire the artistic, intellectual, and creative experiences of our students and our community. The program includes art exhibitions, concerts, lectures, dance performances, book reviews, and theatrical performances by artists from around the world and from Concordia’s own student body and faculty. Please explore the wide range of programs offered. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Change the game

Being a Concordia Cardinal isn’t just about out-scoring competitors in the athletic arena. It’s about developing as an individual, both in and out of the game. Dedicated coaches and staff put in the time to see that you walk away from your Concordia experience as a better athlete, a stronger Christian, and a champion of character.

Clubs & Organizations

Join the club

When you get involved at Concordia, you open yourself up to all kinds of possibilities: connections with fellow Concordians who share your same interests, opportunities to practice and apply what you’ve learned in the classroom, and the chance to serve others in ways that match the unique skill sets you’ve been given. And you can do all of this while having fun and making long-lasting memories!

Campus Activities

Where the fun happens

Our mission is to provide you with opportunities to learn and develop outside of the classroom. Through social, educational, and spiritual programming, Student Life staff seeks to assist students in holistic development. As a Cardinal, you will find numerous ways to get involved on campus. You’ve got options!