If you see a crime in progress or evidence that one has occurred:

  • Contact Campus Safety, 734-358-1340 immediately.
  • If the situation is an emergency, contact the Ann Arbor Police Department at 9-911 (on campus) or 911 (from a cell phone).
  • Remember as much information as possible. The following is a helpful list of possible information needed by authorities in an investigation.
    • Description of a Person:
      • Notice permanent features such as hair color, height, facial hair, facial structure.
      • What was the person last seen wearing?
      • Does the person have any distinguishing characteristics such as tattoos, birthmarks, etc. to make them stand out?
    • Description of an Object:
      • Note basics like size, color and shape.
      • Note identifying characteristics such as a license plate, even part of it, or an odor, etc.
    • Description of an Incident:
      • Stay as objective as possible.
      • Try and answer as many of the following:  Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.
      • Keep things in chronological order as much as possible.
      • State where you were standing/sitting at the time of the incident to give a better description.

Information provided in partnership with PaperClip Communications "Staying Safe on Campus".