A passion for the whole self

At Concordia University Ann Arbor your faith and your knowledge will flourish because we are a community that cares about your whole self - your mind, body, and spirit - and are committed to helping you reach your fullest potential.

Our Purpose

Concordia University’s Core Values and Mission Statement express the university’s enduring purpose and identity; its very reason for existence as a place of Lutheran higher education. A shared fidelity to this central purpose guides Concordia’s academic schools, programs, and initiatives.


Concordia University Ann Arbor is a Lutheran higher education community committed to helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the world.


Bound by the Biblical and Confessional teachings of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, the members of the Board of Regents and the Concordia University Foundation Board, the President, and employees of the university shall act in a manner consistent with the core values listed below.

  • Christ-centered: Concordians have faith in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.
  • Truth & Integrity: Concordians speak truth and display integrity in all our relationships.
  • Excellence: Concordians expect excellence in all our endeavors to support the university’s mission.
  • Service: Concordians serve others in caring, helpful, respectful, and knowledgeable ways.


The faculty, leadership, staff, students, and alumni carry out Concordia’s mission each and every day as they pursue a vibrant path to the future.

The vision of Concordia is to be well-known nationally and internationally as a premier Lutheran, Christian university, widely recognized for meaningful integration of faith and learning. Alumni will assume significant servant leadership responsibilities in the Church and communities across the nation and throughout the world.

Concordia’s vision is vigorously pursued in four critical ways:

The university commits to being a higher education community centered on faith and learning.

Concordia students learn in innovative Christ-centered environments that are guided by comprehensive assessment. Faculty, staff, and university administrators are role models and servant leaders. Christian faculty excel in teaching and mentoring, and they successfully connect faith to learning. Academic programs are rigorous and diverse, consistent with the needs of the Church and communities.

The university plans for purposeful growth.

Students grow as they develop in mind, body, and spirit. Concordia grows as it reaches more people with its mission. The university’s campuses, facilities, human and financial resources, and infrastructure expand to support a robust student experience in a welcoming environment, which results in the professional, social, academic, and spiritual formation of all Concordians.

The university makes an impact through service and leadership.

Concordia impacts the Church and world by developing globally minded citizens who, through Christ-like service and leadership, transform lives, influence communities, and value their neighbors near and far.

The university champions access and opportunity for all learners.

Concordia provides access to the highest-value higher education experience. As a result, Concordia students discover and develop their vocations. Rigorous assessment of the university’s academic offerings, services, delivery systems, and market and organizational performance result in continuous improvement of the Concordia experience, which enables students to pursue and persist in their chosen career paths.