Vehicle Rules & Regulations

The vehicle rules and regulations which follow are to be used as guidelines by students, visitors, faculty, and staff. The following rules and regulations are administered and enforced by the Department of Campus Safety, and should be followed unless otherwise directed by a Campus safety officer. Should you have any questions regarding the information contained in these pages, contact the Director of Campus Safety at Ext.7502 (for off campus phones (734) 995-7502) or through the department E-mail,

Eligibility and Vehicle Registration

All students, faculty, and staff personnel are eligible to maintain a motor vehicle on campus.  To register your vehicle you will need to know the vehicle make, model, color, year and license plate number.  The owner or user of the vehicle must fill out a vehicle Registration Form with Campus Safety.  Resident students shall be limited to having one motor vehicle on campus due to the limited number of parking spaces.  All cars and two wheeled motorized vehicles must be registered as soon as possible after the vehicle is brought to campus.  Vehicles not properly registered may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Student Registration Fees 

Per Semester:
Passenger Vehicle $60.00

Per Year:
2 Wheeled Vehicle (Moped, Motorcycle) $50.00

Display of Parking Sticker

When a vehicle is registered all faculty/staff personnel and all traditional students will receive a parking sticker.  After receiving the parking sticker, it must be immediately placed in the vehicle.  The parking sticker must be affixed to the rear window on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Guest/Temporary Vehicle Registration

Students and employees bringing a non-registered vehicle onto campus for more than a day must obtain a temporary permit from the Campus Safety Office.  If a vehicle will be on campus for longer than two weeks it must be permanently registered. (Normal Fees Apply)

All guest must register at the Campus Safety office with the resident student present and park only in the designated areas.  The make, model, color, and license plate number of the vehicle should be given to Campus Safety, as well as where/how to contact the visitor if the need should arise.  Hosts are to remind their guest that all rules and University policies apply.  Overnight guests MUST park in  Lot B or Lot G.  Failure to comply may result in a fine and/or towing at the owner’s expense

Designated Parking Areas

Faculty and Staff

  The primary lots for employees will be lots C and G.

West Side Residents

 Residents of the West side are required to park in lot A. In the event that lot A is full, overflow parking will be allowed in lot B.

East Side Residents

 The entrance for the East side of campus is located to the east of Earhart Road and to the west of US 23. East side residents must use lot G.

Commuter Students

 Commuters must park in lots D and F.

Visitor Parking

 Parking spaces for daily visitors are located north of the Science Building facing Geddes Road and in the Circle Drive near the flagpole.   These spaces are reserved for Visitors Only.   Visitor parking is enforced Monday through Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm.

Overflow Parking


Handicap Areas

Any vehicle parked in a handicap space must have a current state authorized handicap permit (either a visible hang tag or a license plate sticker).  This will be strictly enforced by Campus Safety and the Ann Arbor Police Department.  Vehicles found in these spaces without proper identification may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense without prior warning.

Handicapped spaces are located at the following areas:

  • Main Entrance: Circle drive by the Science Building (2 Spaces).
  • West Manor Lot: Between the Manor and the circle drive (2 spaces).
  • East Side: In main parking lot, in front of Silas (4 Spaces).
  • West Side: North of Miriam Dorm (1 Space) and West of Ruth Dorm (1 Space).

Restricted Parking Areas

The following areas are designated NO PARKING and/or NO DRIVING areas:

  • All campus Fire Lanes.  (Including the circle drive)
  • Any parking space labeled as restricted.  (East Side—between Titus and Luke.  West Side—North of Miriam, West of Ruth)
  • Handicap Spaces (without proper permit)
  • Loading docks and loading driveways, Cafeteria and Kreft Center.
  • West access drives to gym.  These areas are loading and unloading zones only.
  • Any grass area or sidewalk without proper authorization.
  • East side guest house without proper authorization.
  • Any area not specifically marked for vehicle parking, without authorization.
  • Any area where driving is restricted by removable poles, chains, or safety equipment (cones, barricades, etc.)
    • East Side Drive (Chain access to dorms)
    • West Side Drives ( Chain access to dorms)  Removal of these chains is prohibited unless authorization is given from a Campus Safety Officer.)
    • Access drives to the athletic fields (All)
  • No parking at any time in the small, enclosed area on the East side of the Manor.  The two marked spaces in that area are reserved for administrators working or meeting in the Manor. 

Traffic Regulations

All motor vehicle laws of the State of Michigan and University policies are in effect on University property.  In the case of parking tickets, it shall be assumed that the registered owner was the driver of the vehicle at the time of   the   violation  and   will   be  held   responsible  for  any  fines.  Campus hosts will also be held accountable for violations committed by their guests.  It is the responsibility of campus hosts to make their visitors aware of all campus rules and regulations.



Park in prohibited area*



Park in fire lane*


Driving/parking on walkways or grass


Failure to register vehicle*


Improper/no permit display


Parking in a Handicap Zone*


Impede or Obstruct traffic*


Violation of basic speed law


Reckless operation of a motor vehicle*



$25.00 / $50.00

* In the case of these infractions, vehicles may be towed or wheel locked at owner’s expense. See the policies regarding wheel locking and vehicle impounds.

Inoperable Vehicles

Vehicles determined to be not in operable condition, must be removed off campus within three days or they may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Vehicle Towing Policy

Concordia University reserves the right to tow any vehicle from the University property for the following violations:

  • Parked in an area designated as a fire lane.
  • Parked blocking access to a trash dumpster.
  • Parked blocking access to the loading dock.
  • Parked in a handicap space without proper permit.
  • Parked in a posted “No Parking” zone.
  • A vehicle determined to be abandoned, a hazard or an obstruction,
  • A vehicle in violation of any campus policy.
  • Any vehicle not removed from a parking lot that has been closed for a special event or snow removal.
  • Parked in an area designated “No Parking 2AM-6AM”

Traffic and Parking enforcement

Campus Safety is responsible for all traffic and parking enforcement on campus.  Citations will be issued where violations occur.  Habitual violators may be charged through the Student Conduct code.  Habitual violator is defined as an individual receiving three (3) or more parking or traffic citations per academic year.

Parking Citations

Citations for vehicles parked in violation of these rules will be issued every 24 hours.  Fines must be paid in the Office of Academics( Student Services Room#101) .
On Campus Speed Limit

As posted, the speed limit on campus is 15mph and is strictly enforced by Campus Safety officers.  Campus Safety officers regularly monitor the speed of vehicles on campus.  Tickets are given to vehicles not adhering to this speed limit.

Department Policy Changes

Concordia University reserves the right to modify or change parking rules and regulations or void parking permits as deemed necessary. If your vehicle is found in violation of any of these rules and regulations, it may be ticketed and towed away at your expense including applicable storage fees.

In the event the Department of Campus Safety makes changes to Vehicle Rules and Regulations during the school year, Students, Faculty, and Staff will all be notified through CUAA E-mail. These policy changes will only come from the Department of Campus Safety E-mail address ( and will take effect immediately unless otherwise stated in the E-mail.

**These regulations here stated will supersede all those previously stated or printed in any mailer, handbook, or other like document**

Concordia University is not responsible for the theft of/from any vehicle or for any damage caused as the result of vehicle impounds or wheel locks.