Here are some ways you can find salary information for your target position:

At this helpful site, the Salary Wizard allows you to designate the desired geographic area and a specific job title instead of a general category. The website gives low, median and high salaries for each job title, and can personalize results based on your specific qualifications.


This government resource provides salary information for up to 900 jobs. It also allows you to find salary information for jobs by state.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

A great resource that provides fairly current salary information for the jobs that are done by about 85% of the American population.

Labor Market Survey

You can also conduct a labor market survey to obtain accurate salary information for your geographic area. A labor market survey consists of calling five to ten employers who would hire people for the position you are targeting. Ask them how often they have positions open and the approximate salary range for the job when they do have positions open. By surveying a number of employers you can determine an appropriate salary range for the position for which you are applying.