In this economy, employers can be highly selective in whom they hire. Employers prefer graduates who have skills and experiences from "real world" jobs. Internships provide you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience that will help you land your ideal job. Here are some other benefits of internships:

  • "Reality test” your career and job interests.
  • Add to your network of professional contacts.
  • Gain skills and experiences that you can use in your resume.
  • Add recommendations to your Linkedin profile.
  • Build confidence that you can succeed in your chosen are of work.
  • Paid internships can help to finance your education.
  • Earn college credits and fulfill requirements in your major.
  • Potentially obtain better positions and higher salaries from having more experience than other graduating seniors.

Here are some recommended sites for finding internships:

Intern in Michigan incorporates a revolutionary matching algorithm that will use targeted profile data gathered from both students and employers. Internship candidates will be dynamically placed with organizations based on their individual interests and unique skill sets. Meanwhile, employers will be matched with the students who are best suited to their organization.

Handshake Concordia’s online job and internship database serves as the leading nexus between internships and students, higher education and employers.

UrbanEmploy  provides a national network of career-enhancing internships and job listings.  It includes listing for Detroit and Ann Arbor.

CareerRookie has listings of internships, part-time jobs and entry-level careers.

If you can’t find the right internship through online databases like the ones above, you can use to search for people who are in jobs you might like to have in the future. Even if you find someone who is a 2nd or 3rd level connection, you can ask for an introduction from your 1st level connections. When you talk with this person, you can explain that you are interested in what they do and wonder if there would be the possibility of an internship at their organization. If they don’t have this type of option available, they may be able to refer you to someone who does.