Online program for Michigan teacher certification in PreK-6th and your bachelor's degree

Become a certified teacher at the elementary level within three years. This certification will give you the ability to teach at the lower level of elementary and the upper level. Online college courses will develop your foundational knowledge in teaching. Then begin to build your teaching skills and practices through observation and student teaching in Michigan schools.

Online Format

Self-paced online courses are conducted in 8-week sessions.


This program has multiple start dates during the fall, spring, and summer trimesters.

Credits 120
Cost Per Credit $475
Program Overview


The online courses will introduce you to the fundamental theories of education and build your practical knowledge in the cores subject areas of elementary education.

Clinical Experiences

These experiences "in the field" or "in the classroom" are an integral part to earning your certification to teach in a private or public Michigan school district.

You will need to complete the required observational hours in classrooms watching current teachers to learn specific skills, strategies, and learning practices. These observational experiences will start in your first semester and go through until your fifth semester. Student teaching will take place during your final semester of this accelerated program. You will student teach in an eligible school and meet regularly with Concordia faculty and your cooperating teacher to track progress and receive feedback.

Please note that a background check is required at the beginning of your first clinical and again prior to student teaching. You will work with faculty to locate a cooperating teacher that meets the following requirements. This educator needs to have been teaching for a minimum of four years with the last two years at the school they are presently teaching.

What to Expect
  • Online courses are in 8-week sessions
  • Acceptances into the program occur throughout the year
  • Multiple start dates exist during the spring, summer, and fall semesters
  • Complete 245 hours of clinical experiences (This is observation in classrooms)
  • Complete 450 hours of student teaching
  • Accept up to 84 transfer credits
  • Option to earn a Lutheran Teacher Diploma (LTD) with additional credits


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