At the Center for Career and Life Calling, we are available to help your student address big questions such as “What is God calling me to do with my life?” as well as practical questions such as, “What can I do with my major? or “What should I include on my resume?” So, no matter whether your student is a freshman or sophomore needing to choose a college major; a junior seeking more career focus or an internship; or a graduating senior looking for that first job, we are here to help!


The Center for Career and Life Calling is located in the Student Services building, room 128. Many career and job search resources are provided on the website. Individual career counseling sessions are available by appointment by email at


Kevin Brennfleck & Kay Marie Brennfleck direct the Center for Career and Life Calling. They are National Certified Career Counselors with extensive experience helping individuals identify work that fits their God-given design and obtain a job in their chosen field.


For students’ convenience, the website provides 24/7 access to a wide variety of resources. In addition, career services are being integrated into the curriculum. For example, beginning in fall 2011, all freshmen (in the GST 170 course) will take the Strong Interest Inventory and other assessments, and learn how to research and evaluate careers of interest. Several upper-division courses will build in resume writing, interviewing and other job search skills. Increasingly, a four-year career development curriculum plan will be embedded into many aspects of Concordia’s curriculum.

Services and Resources

Career Testing and Developing a Life Calling Map™

Students can take the Strong Interest Inventory and other assessments to identify their career-related interests, motivated skills, personality type, values, spiritual gifts and more. National Certified Career Counselors will assist them in understanding their results and learning how to utilize the information in their educational and career decisions.

The Life Calling Map™

Is a document that organizes their assessment results into a usable format, enabling them to identify the key themes and “puzzle pieces” in their God-given design. Their Life Calling Map™ will be invaluable to them in exploring careers, making career decisions, and in conducting an effective job search.

Career Exploration & Reality Testing

Students learn how to explore a variety of career options to see which best fits their Life Calling Map™, and/or reality test their career decision through online resources, informational interviews, “shadowing” people on the job, and participating in one or more internships.

Discernment with Issues of “Calling”

If desired, we are available to talk with students about issues of calling, God’s will for their life, and other spiritual issues that intersect with career and life planning.

Find Jobs and Internships

New technology makes it easier to find an internship, summer job or full time position after graduation. The Cardinal JobLink connects students with local internship and job opportunities targeted directly to CUAA students. They can search thousands of national internships and jobs with employers throughout the U.S. and receive automatic notifications of new job postings that meet their preferences through the online Job Search Agent.

Develop Online “Branding”

Students can learn how to create a “success portfolio” and resume online (their Resume 2.0), as well a network of people who can help them in their professional development.

Job Search Preparation

New online technology enables students to develop key job search tools such as targeted resumes and cover letters easily and effectively. The “Resume Wizard” (Coming soon) guides them in creating and storing resumes, cover letters and other job search marketing tools.

Students can also practice self-presentation skills through mock interviews and attending networking events; learn how to conduct a strategic job search, utilizing strategies to access both the “hidden” and advertised job markets.

Transition from College

Students can develop their personal mission statement and action plan to guide them as them take the next steps beyond Concordia whether that be graduate school, a first job or the development of a business.

Please visit the student/alumni pages to better understand the programs and services that are available. Also, here is a 4 year college and career success checklist that can help you to encourage your son and daughter.