The Concordia Choir and conductor Dr. Brian Altevogt are hosting “A Day with the Concordia Choir” Friday afternoon 18 November through Saturday 19 November.

This experience is intended to connect high school students who love to sing with college students who love to sing. In less than 24 hours, the Concordia Choir and high school guests will prepare and present a brief concert of newly-learned songs.

Registration begins at 4:00PM on Friday with the first rehearsal beginning at 4:30PM. Students who stay overnight on campus will room with Concordia Choir students.

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Housing will be available on campus for accepted students. There will be a $25 registration fee for accepted students to help offset the costs of housing and meals. Each participating student will also receive a complimentary t-shirt. Attendees will have the option to spend the night in the dormitories with current CUAA students.

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High School seniors attending Honor Band Day in February who are also interested in auditioning for CUAA Music Scholarships will have the opportunity to audition while on campus for this event. More information about our available scholarships can be found here.