This Books and Coffee Discussion will be led by School of Arts and Sciences Campus Dean Erin Laverick.

Jennifer Ryan’s debut novel The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir is a work of historical fiction, set in the backdrop of World War II. While the men of Chilbury are off fighting in the war, the women of this a small English town assemble a choir and through song and friendship demonstrate great strength and determination. Ryan introduces and develops the women’s lives and plot conflicts through traditional forms of women’s writing such as diary entries and letters. This book talk will explore women’s available means to effectively communicate during World War II and discuss how Ryan uses these genres to create a great read for a contemporary audience.


This event is free and open to the CUAA community and beyond. No registration is required.


Concordia's Books and Coffee Discussions series aims to promote stimulating discussion on a range of provocative texts. Each semester, two to three discussions are hosted by various CUAA leaders. Books and Coffee Discussions are free and open to the public.