Beginning Spring 2020, Concordia modified course development and instruction to meet the challenges presented by the pandemic. We utilized a variety of instructional delivery methods during the last year. In this session, we will build upon what we learned during COVID to remain resilient, flexible, and prepared for the future.

This session is an overview of four instructional methods used at CUWAA: 100% Virtual, Polysynchronous, Face-to-Face with Occasional Zoom, and Online Asynchronous teaching. The session will focus on how you can most effectively plan and deliver your course in any of these four methods. The goal is to share best practices and resources for teaching and for communication with students. This session is required for full and part-time faculty who did not attend the Course Design and Pedagogy session offered during Summer 2020. Faculty who did attend the session in Summer 2020 are welcome, but not required to attend.

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This event is FREE; registration is preferred -- Closes July 22

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