Featuring new music arrangements for Fifth House Ensemble’s acoustic dectet, drum set, and electronics by Eric Roth with Chris Opperman, Undertale LIVE is more than just a concert; it’s a meeting place where fans join the quest by voting on each show’s unique storyline.

One of the most acclaimed video games of the past decade, solo developer Toby Fox's indie hit Undertale has enchanted a fanbase of nearly 4 million players worldwide through its heartwarming story, quirky characters, and Fox's own trailblazing musical score. Undertale introduces players to a secret world of monsters who were sealed underground long ago with an ingenious twist in perspective: players can resolve each encounter nonviolently, inviting us to empathize with those most different from ourselves.

“absolutely amazing”

Third Coast Review

“The experience was outstanding. Seeing Undertale Live was like sharing a fond memory with a group of friends.”

Doctors of Gaming

This event is free and open to the public.