The Objectives of the Student Government Association are:

  1. To preserve and protect a student environment that promotes the objectives of Concordia University and its mission as a Lutheran education institution.
  2. To preserve and protect the rights of the students of Concordia University.
  3. To serve and promote the member organizations under its jurisdiction.
  4. To act as a liaison between its member organizations, the students, administration, faculty, and staff.
  5. To promote autonomy as an organization and independence from the University administration and faculty without violating University policy.
  6. To steward its funds and properties for the purpose of serving the interests of its constituents.

What We Do?

The most important function that SGA serves is to give students a voice on campus. The President of SGA is a member of the administrative huddle on campus and is in contact with other college administrators and decision-makers to represent the voice of all students. In addition, Resident, Commuter and Student Organization Senators work closely with Resident Assistants, the Student Life Office, and the University Administration to make sure that the needs and viewpoints of all students are being met and considered.

In addition, one of the most important and evident functions of SGA is the funding of student organizations on campus. Many of the activities on campus that are sponsored by student groups are funded by the money that comes from your Student Government Program Fee and the SGA assists these organizations in funding these events and activities.

Get involved!

The Ann Arbor Campus of Concordia University is growing with new facilities, new academic programs, and new student activity programs. With this campus growth is an increase in the opportunity and need for students to get involved and become leaders on campus. The easiest way to get involved would be to join an existing SGA recognized student organization or to create a new SGA recognized student organization.

If, however, you are interested in serving and providing leadership for a larger constituency on campus, we would like to encourage you to consider becoming a senator. Being a senator for arguably the most influential student organization on campus is a great opportunity and an exciting challenge for someone who would like to contribute to the long term growth and well-being of current and future students as well as the entire campus community. If you are interested in becoming a senator, please contact any member of the SGA Executive Board for more information.


Click here to view a copy of the Student Government Constitution. 

SGA Executive Board Members

President (2015-2016)

Christopher “Critter” Deneen

Vice-President (2014-2015)

Anthony Edwards

Treasurer (2015-2016)
Royden Pett

Secretary (2015-2016)

Elizabeth Iltis

Faculty Advisor

(2014-2015) Dr. Jeffery Schwehm
Phone: 734-995-7420