CUAA Wrestling is a registered club of the National Collegiate Wrestling Association. The club is gaining momentum in its first official season and is making history as CUAA's first wrestling team!


To provide the students of Concordia University of Ann Arbor an opportunity to train and compete in an enjoyable, yet structured and competetive environment.

To create student athletes of character and discipline who strive to glorify Christ through all things.

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Contact Information




Coach Roscoe Cummings
Coach Matt Guhn
Student Life Contact Kate Maiuri
Club Advisor Joshua Schumacker
Club President Tim Grimm


Did you know that Concordia University, Wisconsin started out with a wrestling club in 1991? In their third season, they placed at Conference and took wrestlers to Nationals! After several years as a successful club, wrestling has transformed into a highly competitive team sport for CUW. At CUAA, we are starting down a very exciting road! This wrestling club, made up of 6 wrestlers, stat person, media person and enthusiastic staff advisors and coaches are all making history!

We all know that making history doesn't come without a price tag. The team has been blessed with funding to purchase wrestling gear and travel to their meets. Now it's our turn as supporters of this groundbreaking team of CUAA students to lend a helping hand! Are you a parent, relative, former coach, friend, former wrestler or avid Conco fan? Would you like to help support the growth of our first CUAA Wrestling Club? Here's how!

While we cannot yet accept donations online via credit card, please unearth that check book and fill it in! Grab an envelope and a stamp too!

Make your check out to:

Concordia University with the memo line specifying Wrestling Club donation

Please mail to:

Student Activities and Organizations
Concordia University
4090 Geddes Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


Matt Sears:
Tara Williams:
Courtney Russell:
Desi Reyes:
Advisor: Joshua Schumacher
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