Depending on your individual situation, you may qualify for a variety of scholarships and grants. A key part of your overall financial aid package; it all adds up to help with the cost of college.

Concordia Promise Scholarship

For eligible high school students taking Concordia University Dual Credit courses. Learn more about Dual Credit and Concordia Promise!

Diligent Timothy Book Grant

For incoming pre-seminary and pre-deaconess students who will be awarded $250 or $500 per semester.

Luther Scholar Guarantee Scholarship

Selected students will receive $20,000 of total financial aid from CUAA.

Music Scholarships

Participation scholarships of $1,500 are available to students to participate in a Concordia musical ensemble. Students may audition for scholarships in up to two performance ensembles.

Worship Arts Leadership Scholarship

The Worship Arts Leadership Scholarship is available to students desiring to be in the Worship Arts Ensemble.  This is a $2,000 add-on scholarship for recipients of either the Cadenza or Concerto scholarships. Students receiving this scholarship commit to participating in a Worship Arts ensemble in addition to participation in the band, choir, or orchestra.

Arborsong Scholarship

The Arborsong Scholarship is available to students who have an affinity for choral singing at the advanced level.  Students who receive this scholarship agree to sing in the Concordia Choir and attend all rehearsals and performances for Arborsong. Arborsong performs three to five times off campus each semester.