Individual Counseling Sessions

Individual sessions are held once per week for about 45-50 minutes each. The number of sessions a student attends varies depending on their presenting concerns. Students visit the center for many reasons that include a desire to:

  • Adjust to university life
  • Decrease feelings of sadness, depression, or loneliness
  • Lower anxiety and worry
  • Cope with stress or overwhelming emotions
  • Discuss relationship problems (significant other, friends, and/or family)
  • Manage thoughts of suicide or self-harm behavior
  • Reduce difficulties with procrastination, motivation, decision-making or test anxiety
  • Discuss eating, alcohol or substance use problems
  • Discuss feelings of low self-esteem
  • Heal from past experiences of assault, abuse, and/or trauma
  • Cope with death and illness

Group Counseling Sessions

The center will offer group counseling sessions/and or support groups on differing mental health topics. These groups are still in the planning stages and will be announced soon

Outreach Programing

CAPS provides educational and outreach programming for students, faculty and staff. Programming includes educational presentations on topics such as stress management, overwhelming feelings and burnout, relationship conflicts, sleep issues and general principles of wellness. If you feel that students and/or staff in your department would benefit from outreach program. Please contact CAPS by phone or email.