As partners in ministry, CUAA and congregations work cooperatively, in relationship, with shared responsibility, to achieve common goals.

There are a variety of ways through which Concordia can assist congregations

  • Providing a preacher for a Concordia Sunday (no cost to the congregation).
  • Consulting on stewardship and endowments (no cost to the congregation).
  • Supplying materials to inform and encourage young people to consider service in the Church (no cost to the congregation).
  • Sponsoring a meal and program to encourage a Legacy of Faith through the inclusion of Christian ministries in member estate plans and wills (shared or no cost to the congregation).
  • Providing preachers for pulpit support (honorarium for preacher accepted).
  • Leading special Bible study series including unique topics such as bioethics and leadership (honorarium for presenter accepted).
  • Youth ministry support such as lock-ins or special programs (travel costs for students).

While each of the above examples are subject to availability and travel constraints, Concordia will do all that it can to assist you in your ministry.


In addition, the following are examples of ways that congregations can assist Concordia University Ann Arbor:

  • Pray for Concordia corporately and individually.
  • Encourage the members of the congregation, especially young people, to consider Concordia University Ann Arbor for their higher education.
  • Hold a Concordia Sunday. Whether the local pastor preaches or invites Concordia to send a preacher, this is a great way to encourage the members of the congregation.
  • Participate in Adopt-A-Student, a special program that provides financial assistance to students within the field of study desired by the donor.
  • Partner with Concordia for an end-of-life stewardship or wills awareness campaign.

For more information about Concordia's Church Relations program, contact Rev. Dr. Roy Peterson, Vice President of Advancement.