COVID-19 Questions or Concerns?

Screening guidance for athletes

This page has been archived to document Concordia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the most up-to-date information, please visit

Prior to any practice, every individual (athletes, staff, coaches) must complete an additional screening within four hours of the practice start time. Your screening will be conducted by a coach, GA, trainer, or athletic training student.

Prior to any team activity, you will show your Medicat assessment for that day. You will be asked about any changes since completing your Daily Symptom Tracker.

If you fail an athletic screening, you must be assessed by your trainer prior to any continued participation.

You must go home until you are assessed.

Athlete assessment, following a failed daily screening test

You will be evaluated by a healthcare professional for potential COVID-19 exposure or infection.

You will be:

  • Cleared to return; or
  • Advised to be tested for COVID-19 immediately (if symptomatic); or
  • Advised to quarantine until the following day for additional evaluation and potential COVID-19 testing; or
  • Advised to quarantine for a specific period of time due to recent close contact with an infected individual or after return from international travel.

Additional guidance for athletes

For practices/team activities: coaches, GAs, ATs and athletic training students can do the screening for all those having contact with the team

For games: Must be done by an AT and appropriately trained individual and all game day personnel must be screened within 6 hours of the start time

Everyone needs to get his/her temperature taken prior to EVERY practice

You must show a passed Medicat screen prior to every team activity and notify your coach if any changes have occurred since you completed Medicat that day.