COVID-19 Questions or Concerns?

Response Policy Update, March 22 2022

March 22, 2022

Mitigation strategies and recommendations

  • Goal: Mitigation! (What can we do to mitigate spread, and care for each student and the campus?!)
  • Continue the use of the Daily Symptom Tracker for anyone who wants to use it for symptoms.
  • Strongly encourage all members of the community to get as vaccinated as possible. We do believe that they have been proven to be safe and successful.
  • Regardless of vaccination status, if someone tests positive and is outside of 90 days from a previous confirmation they need to isolate for at least 5 days from symptom onset OR test date if asymptomatic.
    • If fever free for 24 hours and symptoms are resolving, outside of loss of smell/taste and fatigue, than that individual can exit isolation but must wear a tight fitting mask (surgical/n95/kn95) for the next 5 days at all times except eating and sleeping.
  • If someone is asymptomatic and tests positive on an antigen, that individual needs to isolate and get a PCR to confirm within 24 hours. If the PCR is negative then the test is considered a false-positive and no isolation is needed.
  • Covid Nurse develops isolation plan for each assessed student (athlete and non-athlete) for symptoms or close contact. If someone is determined to be possibly COVID+ they will be asked to get tested. This is noted on the Google tracking sheet
  • If a student is symptomatic and awaiting test results, we treat them as COVID +. If a symptomatic student needs to wait in their room to be assessed, a ride, testing, etc.: stay in room; wear a mask; try to be by yourself; contact the following:, their instructors, roommate/suitemates
  • If assessed students are COVID +, suspected COVID +, or close contact (exposed per CDC):
    • Commuter students stay at home:
    • Residential students
      • If needing to isolate and within 150 miles then they're sent home. 
      • If >150 miles, asymptomatic and needing to quarantine then encouraged to go home but can stay in dorm while asymptomatic. 
      • If outside of 150 miles, symptomatic and needing to isolate (COVID+) they need to go home or use temporary housing in David or Intercultural House, for COVID (or if filled then must find own housing and pay for on their own). If need temp. housing, send them to Any time a student is isolating on campus we provide them with delivered food and the necessary two documents: Stay In Place Instructions and Meal Delivery Instructions.
  • Interfacing with Res Life to care for students:
    • Students with questions about health/Covid, incl. related to suitemates, contact
    • ATs tell STUDENTS TO CONTACT when a student needs temporary housing and/or when leave campus (when they actually leave).