In an effort to provide timely notice to the Concordia University community, and in event of a serious incident which may pose a threat to our community, the Campus Safety Office will issue "timely warning" crime bulletins in a manner that is timely and will aid in the prevention of similar crimes.

A warning will be issued when a crime occurs on or off campus that constitutes an ongoing or continuing threat to community members. The warnings are usually issued for the following crimes: arson, aggravated assault, criminal homicide, robbery, and sex offenses. They may also be issued for other crimes as deemed necessary.

The Campus Safety Office distributes “timely warning” bulletins in various ways. Once the University determines that an alert will be issued, Campus Safety will e-mail the alert to the community and post the information here. This warning may also be delivered through use of an emergency Text message system (Rave Mobile Safety), additional campus wide emails, voicemail messages on the University’s phone system, postings in residential halls or a combination of the above listed. It should be noted that an institution is not required to provide a timely warning with respect to crimes reported to a pastoral or professional counselor.

RAVE Emergency Alert System

CUAA uses RAVE ™ to send emergency text and email messages to all faculty, staff and students in the event of a campus emergency.

Employees and students are encouraged to update or add family email addresses, cell phone numbers, or voice only phone numbers on their Rave profile by clicking on the hyperlink below.

You may opt out of receiving text messages by either texting the word STOP to 226787 or by clicking the hyperlink below. Individuals are not able to opt out of email messages to CUWAA email addresses.

RAVE Sign-in

Surviving an Active Shooter Event