Because of the COVID-19 executive orders that prevent us from holding events on campus, our Orientations will take place virtually this summer. You will have the opportunity to complete two steps in the orientation process.

  1. Virtual Orientation: Before you meet with you academic advisor to learn about your program of study and register for your classes, you will complete your Virtual Summer Orientation that you can access here.

  2. A Zoom Advising Session will be scheduled for you on your orientation date. At that time, you will meet your advisor, learn about your academic plan, and register for your Fall 2020 classes. Your advisor will contact you to schedule your advising session.

We are disappointed that we will be unable to welcome you to our campus and meet you personally during the summer; however, we are committed to getting to know you and supporting you through every step of your CUAA experience. We look forward to meeting you in person in the fall.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Georgia Kreiger,

Frequently asked questions

What if I forgot / misplaced / don’t know my Concordia student ID number?

Your CUAA student ID number begins with F00 (capital F, zero, zero). This number will be on most documents mailed to you from CUAA. If you can’t locate it on any mailings, call the Admission Office at (734) 995-7505, and we’ll help you out.

How do I sign up for a date?

It’s easy! Just complete the web-registration form to reserve a seat at Orientation Day. The web-registration form is sent out in late February. If you were admitted after early February you’ll receive registration information along with your acceptance letter.

I forgot which day I signed up for.

You should have received a confirmation letter and/or email from us with your selected date. If you misplaced the letter (we understand; it happens!), call the Admissions Office at (734) 995-7505, and we’ll get you this information.

I’ve changed my major and I need to let the university know.

We’re happy to accommodate your change in major. Please e-mail Dr Georgia Kreiger at to change your major. We will also connect you with an advisor in your new major.

Do I need to take any placement tests?

No, but we do prepare math and English placement recommendations to the advisors based on ACT/SAT scores and high school GPAs.

What if I’m taking an Advanced Placement (AP ) / College Level Entrance Placement (CLEP) / Youth Options / another college course and haven’t taken the test or received my scores yet?

It’s great that you’re challenging yourself! During your Registration Day we assume the best and will work with you to select other required classes so you can avoid unnecessarily repeating a course. Please let your advisor know about any pending scores.

When you take your test or final exam, please list CUAA as an institution that can receive your scores or request an official transcript from the college hosting your course. Scores and transcripts are evaluated in the Registrar’s Office and credits are awarded accordingly.

  • in person, via email, or over the phone

I have a question that’s not answered here. Help!

No problem! Give the Admissions Office a call at (734) 995-7505, and we’ll help you out.