Title IX - Request for Appeal


(read all information below before submitting an appeal)

  • Any party to a complaint (Reporting Party and/or Responding Party) may make a request for an appeal. The submit button on the bottom of the form will direct the appeal to the Title IX Coordinator who will in turn forward the request to the appropriate Request for Appeal Reviewer (RFAR).
  • All sanctions instituted by the original investigators/coordinators are to be implemented, barring extreme exigent circumstances. Final exams, graduation-related events, and/or proximity to the end of a term are not considered exigent circumstances.
  • The presumptive stance of the RFAR is to be that the original investigation was correct in its initial finding. The burden is on the appealing party to show that an error(s) has occurred as outlined in the Grounds for Appeal form below.
  • Appeals are not intended to be full re-investigation of the allegation(s). In most cases, appeals are confined to a review of the written documentation or record of the original investigation, and pertinent documentation regarding the grounds for the appeal. No interviewing of or testimony by the parties is appropriate. Therefore, under normal circumstances, there will not be a need for the petitioner to meet with the RFAR or the UCAP.
  • The RFA Reviewer or University Conduct Appeals Committee (UCAP) may, at their discretion, request information regarding procedure from the Investigators and/or coordinators. Ideally, this information would not be necessary, as it should be included in the written requests and/or any response memorandums.

How to Submit an Appeal

Completely fill out the appeal form below and submit the form within 3 business days of being notified of the findings of the investigation. Use the form located below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any Request for Appeal not filed in a timely fashion will be denied. No exceptions to the above timelines are permissible without the express permission of the RFAR.