"Martin Luther's 500 Years Old, Incredibly Modern Advice to Those Suffering Mental Health Problems."

Dr. Stephen Saunders presents on the advice dispensed by Martin Luther to those experiencing mental health problems. The advice is relevant today and indeed mirrors the advice dispensed by modern counselors. Attendees will learn also about how the corrupt theology of glory can affect Lutherans struggling with mental health. Come and learn about how to help yourself and fellow Lutherans.


This event is open to CUW and CUAA Students, Faculty/Staff, Alumni, and Community Members.


There is no registration for this FREE event.


For those who can't attend in person, access the presentation via this Zoom link.


Dr. Stephen M. Saunders is a Professor of Psychology at Marquette University, a licensed clinical psychologist, and the doting grandfather of four grandchildren. He is President of Our Father's Lutheran Church in Greenfield, WI. He is on the Board of Directors of Doxology and of Lutheran Child and Family Services. He has published over 80 articles and chapters and has made over 200 presentations regarding mental health. He wrote a two-volume book entitled, "A Christian Guide to Mental Illness" (NPH) and a 2023 CHP book "Martin Luther on Mental Health."


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