Services for students with accessibility needs

Welcome to the ARC Accessibility Services Office for Students with Disabilities. We value diverse identities and experiences, and we believe disability is an important aspect of diversity at Concordia University. The ARC partners with students, faculty, administrators, and staff to create accessible and inclusive educational and campus experiences for students with disabilities.

Whether you have a physical disability, learning disability, ADHD, chronic health issue, mental health condition, complications with a pregnancy, long Covid, temporary injury, or other condition, The ARC would like to visit with you. The ARC meets and facilitates access on an individualized, case-by-case basis. This interactive process requires collaboration and engagement between our students and our ARC staff.

Next steps for students

Register with our office, share or request changes to your accommodation plan, and learn more about the accommodation request process.

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Resources for faculty

It is the responsibility of the university to accommodate students with disabilities. The ARC serves as a resource for faculty and staff who work with students with disabilities.

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Please feel free to contact the ARC Accessibility Services Office:

Phone: (734) 995-7582