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2018 CUAA Outstanding Alumnus Award Recipient

Steve-Meseke-photoMichael W. Kramer earned his AA degree from Concordia, Ann Arbor in 1974. Michael earned a BA at Concordia, Seward, and began his career teaching at Lutheran high schools in New York and Chicago. He then earned an MA from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago and began teaching at Concordia in Austin. He earned his PhD from the University of Texas in 1991, and then began his career in public higher education, first at the University of Missouri, where he received three different teaching awards, and currently at the University of Oklahoma. He has directed 23 dissertations and served on over 80 other PhD committees. He has served as department chair at both universities for a total of over 14 years managing 40-50 staff, professors, and other instructors with multi-million dollar budgets.

In addition to teaching and administrative work, Michael is a prolific research scholar. He has published 6 books, over 60 scholarly journal articles, and various case studies, book chapters, and encyclopedia articles. His research focuses on how communication influences employees’ experiences as they join, participate in, and leave organizations, or are involved in leadership and decision making. He has published research on newcomers, mergers, and interagency collaborations, along with other topics. In addition to employees, he studies volunteers’ experiences. He combined his lifelong interest in singing and acting by participating in community theater productions and community choirs while studying them. He has won book and article awards from the National Communication Association.

Outside of work, Michael has been involved with his local congregations, including singing in choirs, teaching Bible studies, serving on boards, and as president of congregations. He also coached his son and daughter in youth soccer. He is a runner for over 30 years at distances ranging from 5Ks to marathons. Travelling is a passion and Michael and his wife, whom he met at Concordia, Seward, have visited all 50 states together.

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