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2020 CUAA Outstanding Alumnus Award Recipient

Patricia Maier

Patricia Kemmerling Maier
Brighton, MI

Pat Maier is a 1977 graduate of Concordia Junior College, Ann Arbor. A pastor's wife and former Lutheran educator, Pat met her husband David on this campus. She has been blessed to serve the Lord in the many ministries of their churches and schools in Michigan and Illinois. Most recently, as wife of the Michigan District President, she values the opportunity to connect with ministry wives and to help plan a yearly retreat (even if it's virtual) for their encouragement. She has been active in planning and presenting at other retreats, conferences and women's events, including the Camp Arcadia Women’s Retreats, Women’s Leadership Institute, and the Best Practices for Ministry conferences.

Pat enjoys writing, drawing and speaking to inspire others in their walk with Jesus. As co-founder of Visual Faith Ministry, she believes in the importance of applying educational research to faith learning by creating resources as well as teaching and writing about visual faith practices that equip and encourage all ages during focused time in prayer and God's Word. She is a collaborator and artist for The Visual Church Year, a collection of worship resources which follow the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) Lectionary readings. A published artist, Pat completed a series of margin art for The Enduring Word Bible by Concordia Publishing House, as well as several recent hymn journals by Next Step Press. She believes that the creative use of language and art - when connected with God's Word - can touch the heart, promote understanding, and spark joy.

Pat and her husband enjoy spending time with their four grown children and their families (which include five grandchildren) here in Michigan and while vacationing in Montana. Her ongoing focus is to spend time each day in God’s Word, connect with the people God places in her life each day, and to find peace in the realization and reality of His amazing grace in all circumstances.

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