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It takes more than healthy ambition to become an effective leader. Built on a foundation of management theory – with highlights of accounting, economics, and finance – this online bachelor's in business management program provides personalized, one-on-one instruction from current industry professionals who will help you acquaint yourself with the driver’s seat. All so you can be prepared take the lead in your career.

Credits 120
Cost Per Credit $475

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Program Overview

A good manager can adapt to almost any business structure in any industry, because managerial skills are, for the most part, universal. This online bachelor's in business management will allow you to explore how businesses are structured and provide you with the skills you’ll need to succeed in almost any environment. You’ll gain mastery of current software for designing and managing business projects, while adopting proven project management tools and techniques at each stage in a project’s lifecycle. You’ll gain an understanding of how to integrate organizational strategies that involve the parent, supplier, and sub-supplier organizations working together in domestic and global environments.

You’ll also gain practical knowledge of marketing tools, market segmentation, research analysis in decision-making, media and promotion, budgeting, and evaluation. From developing a comprehensive and viable business plan to setting and obtaining investment objectives – such as capital, debt, securitization, and government subsidized options – this program will arm you with a variety of applicable skills. And you’ll learn about small businesses too, the way management is applied. Most importantly, you’ll acquire skills and experience that’ll help you become the well-rounded and insightful leader your organization deserves, whether you’re in small business, investments, or real estate.

 This program is also offered as a certificate and a minor. 

Please note the above video features a student from our Wisconsin campus. Although times and locations for classes may differ, the quality, and flexibility remain the same no matter the campus!


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What to Expect

Leaders thrive on their knowledge of organizational behavior and understanding of how different groups and individuals work together. That will be a prime takeaway for you in this program. Additionally, you’ll learn the basics of accounting, finance, and business law. You’ll look at human resources and study interpersonal communication. Your eyes will be opened to international economics, as well as issues like globalization and foreign trade. You’ll dive deep into the challenges and opportunities that go hand-in-hand with managing a small business, while taking a look at the principles and problems that have to do with planning, organizing, and directing business operations. From public relations techniques that deal with gaining publicity and managing public response to marketing strategies and management, this program covers a lot of ground.

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