Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management

This program teaches the supervisory skills you need for proper management and administration in any system of care — acute, community, or long-term.


Department of Business

Care and dignity for all

One of the most important things you can do as a healthcare administrator is make sure you run a tight facility. It’s in the best interest of your patients, as well as your staff. The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management program is a State of Michigan-approved “regular course of study” that qualifies you to take the Nursing Home Administrator exam.

Quick Facts

Credits 126
  • Health Services Manager
  • Health Educator
  • Home Health Aide
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Program Overview

In this program, we hold the following to be an unequivocal truth: We’re all created by God. To us, that means every individual who undergoes treatment in a healthcare facility — be it acute, community, or long-term — deserves to be treated with the utmost care and dignity. Your role as a healthcare administrator is to help uphold the dignity of each of your patients. This program will teach you how to analyze health care while demonstrating the acceptance of the individual as a holistic being. You’ll learn how to synthesize knowledge from the sciences, humanities, and management theories as a basis for problem solving and decision making in health care, and how to evaluate research results as they apply to your health care practice.

And there’s a lot more: You’ll learn how to work cohesively and communicate well with members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team; how to create a reflective self-plan for personal and professional growth; and how to recognize current trends and issues relative to healthcare management. The key is respecting diversity within the healthcare community for those receiving the care and those providing it. Also — you probably assumed this — you’ll have to demonstrate effective communication, in both written form and live presentations.

What to Expect

If the idea of caring for people  appeals to you but medical school doesn’t, a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management might be exactly what you’re looking for. It will prepare you to be on the administrative side of health care and make decisions that benefit the most vulnerable and those who love them. Coursework that combines business insight, management skills and ethical values, in addition to a practicum that provides real-world  experience, will prepare you for an administrative career in any hospital or nursing care facility.

  • Ann Arbor

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