MBA in Management

Lead a team of business professionals with a foundation of Christian ethics with an MBA in Management.


Department of Business

Lead with expertise

Every business needs leaders and professionals who have the ability to manage large-scale projects and diverse groups of people. In this program, you’ll gain practical knowledge of current software programs and learn how to manage a wide variety of enterprises and project areas such as small businesses, real estate companies, and marketing projects. You’ll do so through a flexible program founded on our mission to provide a holistic, practical, faith-based education.

Quick Facts

Credits 39
  • Management Specialist
  • Management Analyst
  • Clinical Data Manager
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We are committed to engaging your mind and spirit for service to Christ in the church and the world.


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Program Overview

One of the most important skills you can bring to any business is the ability to be a leader who understands the industry, knows how to build up a team, and creatively problem-solves when challenges arise. Our MBA in Management will equip you to do just that. The program is designed with flexibility in mind so you can complete the program while working full-time. Because our classes are offered online, you can take courses no matter where you’re located on the map.

You’ll broaden your perspective as you learn from industry leaders and work alongside a diverse student body. And you’ll have freedom to choose which courses you want to take for your concentration. As you progress through the program, faculty will engage you in topics like global productions and operations, supply chain management, sustainable business practices and strategic innovation — so you’ll be well-equipped to make a positive impact in the world of business. This online MBA degree is earned from Concordia University Wisconsin.

Already have a PhD, Doctorate, or other terminal degree but still looking for more? Consider our Professional MBA (pMBA).

What to Expect

When you cross the stage as a graduate of our MBA program, you’ll have in-depth knowledge of management practices, lean systems and analysis, loss prevention and project management processes. You’ll have the hands-on experience to apply proven project management tools and techniques at each stage in a project’s lifecycle. You’ll also have the understanding of how to integrate organizational strategies while involving the parent, supplier and sub-supplier organizations in domestic and global environments. What’s more, you’ll come out as a stronger leader, a better communicator, and a strategic thinker. You’ll even have a portfolio of your work to show potential employers.

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