Teaching Christ to all

The Theology Department is responsible for several areas of theological study. The faculty provide the core classes in Bible and Christian Doctrine along with the many theology electives. A third elective Theology course is chosen by students according to their interests and major area of study.

Our Vision

As a school of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), we strive to present the clearest expression of God's Word centered on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus as our Savior as is stated in the Lutheran Confessions. You can expect members of the Theology Department to teach the timeless truth of the Bible with energy and warmth, applying the Gospel message to each student's life. Our faculty have a wide range of experience in church ministry and teaching. CUAA students come from a wide range of religious backgrounds and are encouraged to bring those experiences into the class discussion. Together, professors and students gather around the truth of the Scripture to be shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ for lives of faithful service.


Bachelor of Arts in Christian Thought

The Christian Thought major combines critical thinking and communication with a rigorous study of God’s Word.

Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Seminary Studies

The bachelor’s degree in pre-seminary studies is designed to provide students with a basic overview of the Scriptures, Lutheran doctrine, and biblical languages.

Bachelor of Arts in Theological Languages

A Bachelor’s in Theological Languages equips you to interact with major theological works and develop a deep understanding of God’s Word.

Minor in Worship Arts Leadership

Use your musical gifts and leadership abilities to serve and lead others.

Pre-Deaconess Studies

Serve your community, your church, and the world through our Pre-Deaconess Studies program.