More than just books 

The bookstore. We call it The Egg. Because this is the place where you’ll hatch your college career. But we’ve got more than just books. In fact, there’s probably as much CUAA swag in the bookstore as there are books. You want to sport red, we’ve got it. Hoodies, polos, tees, pullovers, shorts, and sweats, of course. But also water bottles, coffee mugs, umbrellas, blankets, I.D. lanyards. You might even find a plush Cardinal egg if you’re lucky. You get the idea. So swing by, and amp up your school pride by a few degrees. Because, be honest: Who couldn’t use a little more swag in their life?

The Egg bookstore with spirit gear and other logo products


When it comes to textbooks for class, you have various options:

  • You may visit the University's Bookstore website to purchase books online.
  • Order books from the Book Center by telephone (262-243-4349).
  • Order books from e-businesses over the internet.
  • Rent books from the CUW/CUAA Bookstore.

Online book store

On your first day of class your teachers will expect you to have (in your possession) all required textbooks that are in stock at the Bookstore.

Store Hours

During the academic year the egg is open from 11am to 4pm Monday to Friday, but during the summer the egg is usually closed and doesn't have normal hours. We have had guests come to campus this summer looking to buy something only to find the egg is closed.

Contact Us

Email us at or call 734-995-7395 to order hats, shirts, mugs and other Ann Arbor products. We deliver anywhere!


The Concordia Egg is located in the Student Union, next the Nest Cafe on the campus of Concordia University Ann Arbor.