The Study Abroad Office at Concordia exists not only to help students facilitate their study abroad experience but also serves the faculty and staff by educating about study abroad programs, providing resources and guidance for those who seek to develop Global Education Courses and other international programs, and offering classroom presentations. Email Maggie Leimkuehler for assistance.

Two campuses, one Study Abroad

While the Study Abroad Office is located on the Mequon campus, resources are available for both CUW and CUAA. We currently have Global Ed programs led by faculty from both campuses, and faculty from each school are represented on the Study Abroad Faculty Advisory Committee. The committee is committed to the academic success of Global Ed programs and helps evaluate new and repeat programs for academic merit, safety precautions, and feasibility. The committee is led by Maggie Leimkuehler and overseen by the Assistant Vice President of International Affairs.

Email Maggie Leimkuehler for with questions or requests.