Concordia accepts credits from any regionally accredited four-year, two-year or technical college subject to the following requirements, as outlined in the Concordia University Ann Arbor Academic Catalog:

  • A grade of a “C-” or higher in any class considered for transfer credit
  • A maximum of 70 credits from a two-year school and 90 credits from a four-year school will be accepted
  • Advanced Transfer Status will be given to students who hold an accredited Associate Degree or have completed at least 63 transferable credits at another accredited institution
  • Complete one semester satisfactorily at Concordia University before the award of transfer credit becomes final

Please ask your admission counselor for details. We’re also happy to offer you an unofficial evaluation of the credits you’ve take to date.


Depending on the admission policy of the program, a student may be allowed credit for work completed at the graduate level prior to enrolling at Concordia University. The applicant must provide official transcripts documenting the completed work and the grades obtained for this work. These grades must meet the Concordia admission standards. In order to transfer to Concordia, the number of graduate credits for a course taken at another university must be equal to or greater than the number of credits of a comparable course at Concordia, i.e., a two-credit course cannot transfer in for a required three-credit course. Courses in which the student received lower than a 3.0 (B) will not be considered for transfer. Unless stated in the programs handbook, no more than six credits may be transferred from another institution. Please contact your program for more information.

CUAA articulation and cooperative agreements

Concordia University Ann Arbor has cooperative agreements with the following schools to help streamline your path to graduation:

  • Henry Ford Health System – Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Providence Hospital – Radiologic Technology
  • St. John Hospital and Medical Center – Radiologic Technology