Revisions in degree requirements and academic regulations take effect on the first day of July following their adoption by the faculty and the Board of Regents. Students at Concordia University will normally follow the degree requirements and academic regulations in effect at the time of their admission; however, a student who changes a major, minor, or program may be required to follow the requirements in effect at the time of the change. Such a decision would be based on the availability of required courses and may be appealed to the appropriate dean. Revised requirements by government agencies or certification associations may influence the student’s degree requirements regardless of previously stated requirements.

Students are expected to read the regulations of the University and to conform to them. The student, not the University or any member of the faculty or staff, is responsible for meeting the requirements for a degree. Petition forms for the substitution or waiver of a requirement are available from the Registrar and must be approved.

Registration and payment of fees imply an agreement by the student to conform to regulations of the University. Failure to meet obligations to the University, financial or otherwise, will be cause for refusal to issue a degree, transcript, and/or diploma.

Final responsibility for meeting all graduation requirements rests with the student.