Welcome to Concordia University’s Add an Event page. All university-affiliated events—whether happening on campus or off, open to the public or just a sub-group—should follow the process below. This helps everyone stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the university, and it maximizes your effort by spreading the word to as many internal communication channels as are appropriate.

Step #1: Check calendar & reserve a meeting space

To start, check the campus calendar to see if your event conflicts with any other university-affiliated events.

In-person events: If your event is occurring on campus and/or you will need Maintenance, Sodexo, or AV services, reserve your room in EMS.

Virtual events: Login to Zoom and click the “Meetings” tab on the top of your Zoom screen. Click on “Show Meeting Invitation” (Hyperlinked below the “Copy Invitation” button). Next, copy the link provided below “Join Zoom Meeting” (It will begin with an "https://").

Provide this link when prompted in Step #3 on this website. Save the link for yourself as well. You’ll want to click on it and join the meeting yourself shortly before your guests begin arriving.

For student groups: Student groups should check with their faculty advisor for assistance with this step.

Step #2: Create registration form (if applicable)

If your event requires a reservation or payment, it’s a good idea to start thinking about your options up front. Concordia officially supports the following:

  • MachForms: Good for simple RSVPs
  • Qualtrics: Great for very complex questionnaires
  • Regics: For more advanced questionnaires and payments

Ask your department supervisor who to contact for registration form setup.

Step #3: Provide (or revise) event information


Update an existing event

Create a new event

Step #4: Promote your event

Congratulations! Just by filling out the form in Step #3, your event is being shared on at least five of the most frequently used communication channels within the university.

If you want to take it a step further, consider some of these other routes:

  • Marketing materials—posters, postcards, etc. can be requested from the Marketing team here.
    • Please factor in enough time for design and print requests:
  • Send an Outlook invite to key people within the university. It only takes a second, and a personal invite is just the motivator some people need!
    • Tip: By filling out the event form, you now have a custom event page url. Don’t waste time by re-explaining the event details. Just provide a link to your event page in the invite along with a personalized message to the recipient.
  • Identify “event ambassadors” (students, professors, classes, clubs, or other groups who have a natural connection to or enthusiasm for your event) who can personally invite 4-6 of their friends.
  • Word of mouth—Don’t underestimate the power of an in-person, enthusiastic invite. Your passion for your own event is infectious, and it’s crucial to the success of the entire effort.
  • Leverage the readership of one of the many newsletters that are sent out from the university. Do yourself (and others) a favor by including an upcoming events section in your own newsletter that links back to the university’s Events Page.

Thank you for taking the time to complete these steps! In 3-5 business days, your event will show on the university’s campus calendar and, depending on the boxes you checked, will also show on:

  • A corresponding CUAA web page (Let us know if you don’t see it on the page you want after five days)
  • The university’s upcoming events page (reserved for events that are open to the public)
  • The Current (An email sent weekly to faculty, staff, and students)
  • Campus monitors (Let us know if you don’t see it on campus monitors after five days)
  • The Portal (Let us know if you want it to show up on the Portal sooner than a week out)
  • The CUAA news page and/or community calendars or local news calendars (These channels are reserved mainly for events that are open to the public)


Michael Zimmerman