The purpose of Concordia University’s (CU) Title IX Compliance Program is to foster an environment in mind, body and spirit so that all campus stakeholders can enjoy the University’s educational programs and activities free from all forms of sexual harassment as outlined in the Sexual Misconduct policy. The Title IX staff are therefore instrumental agents charged with upholding this purpose statement.

The Title IX Staff include trained individuals who are Coordinators, Investigators, and Administrative Hearing Panel members/Appeal Officers. Their contact information is listed below.

Title IX administrative staff

Dr. Andrew Luptak

Title IX Coordinator
Dr. Andrew Luptak
Office: S001
Phone: (262) 243-4331

Dr. Suzanne Siegle

Associate Coordinator
Dr. Suzanne Siegle
Office: SS 134
Phone: (734) 995-7315

Mr. John Rathje

Assistant Coordinator
Mr. John Rathje
Office: SS 108
Phone: (734) 995-7419

Ms. Cassidy Tirmenstein

Assist. Dir. of Athletics for Title IX
Ms. Cassidy Tirmenstein
Office: Gym 107
Phone: (734) 995-7321

Title IX investigators

Title IX Investigators
Name Office Phone Email
Dr. Sandra Harris K 128 (734) 995-7309
Rev. Dr. Theodore Hopkins K 110 (734) 995-7480
Dr. Alex Martin SB 114 (734) 995-7517
Dr. Tori Negash Library (734) 995-7582
Mr. Earl Schumake Athletics (734) 995-7325
Dr. Christopher Stark Sci 113 (734) 995-7417

Administrative hearing panel members & appeal officers

Title IX Administrative Hearing Panel Members & Appeal Officers
Name Campus Office Phone Email
Dr. William Cario CUW Lu 128A (262) 243‐4263
Dr. Leah Dvorak CUW Lu 128C (262) 243‐4522
Ms. Cynthia Fenske CUAA (734) 995‐7443
Rev. Dr. Ryan Peterson CUAA Administration Office (734) 995‐7373
Dr. Elizabeth Polzin CUW Lu 130B (262) 243‐4210
Mr. Allen Prochnow CUW S 104B (262) 243‐4303
Dr. Steve Taylor CUAA Al 107B (262) 243‐4392

Bias and conflict of interest

If a complainant or respondent believes that an Assistant/Associate Coordinator, Investigator, Hearing Panel Member, or Appeal Officer assigned to his/her case cannot conduct a fair/unbiased investigation or adjudication of the case, the party may petition the Title IX Coordinator to replace that individual. However, if the allegation is that The Title IX Coordinator cannot serve in an unbiased manner, the party may petition the Administrative Hearing Panel Chair to replace the Title IX Coordinator. This must be done in writing (email) within 3 business days of being notified of the assigned member and must include supporting evidence.