Exam Proctoring at the ARC

Testing accommodations

At CUAA, we understand there are times when you might not be able to take an exam at its originally scheduled time. Family emergencies, unexpected personal events. These things happen. The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is here to help! Students with a documented need for accommodations can reschedule an exam using a proctor (an exam monitor) at a mutually agreed-upon time and date.

Make-up exams

Make-up exam times are available by appointment only. Please know that the ARC employs a team of student proctors to meet the demand for proctoring make-up exams.

Exam proctoring procedure

For either an accommodation or a make-up exam, please follow this procedure:

  • Professors should work with the student test-taker to complete the digital request form
  • The link to the online request form has been sent by email to all CUAA instructors
  • Submit the completed form and exam a minimum of 48 hours in advance of requested date and time
  • Professors will have the option to scan and email the exam to our secure email (cuaa.arc@gmail.com), or drop off a hard copy to the ARC
  • The ARC staff will follow up with the student test-taker and professor to confirm the test date and time
  • ARC staff will contact the student when the exam is completed
    • You will have the option to pick up the exam or have it scanned back to you. If you choose to receive a scanned copy, the ARC will destroy the original copy.
  • The ARC will only keep an exam for ten (10) days. After 10 days, the instructor will be informed that the student did not take the test.

Contact the ARC

If you have questions about exam proctoring, please contact the ARC. We’re happy to help! We’re located on the first floor of Zimmerman Library. You can also call us at 734-995-746, email us at ARC@cuaa.edu, or request information online by completing CUAA’s Academic Resources online contact form.