Writing services at the ARC

Sometimes you know what you want to say, but you’re having a hard time getting the right words out. Don’t waste time staring at a blank screen! The ARC writing coaches can help. We have several writing coaches available to help you with all stages of your writing projects for any course.

Drop-in hours & appointments

Writing consultants are available to meet with students several times a day during drop-in hours; they are also available outside of those drop-in hours for individual or small group appointments.

Online writing assistance

We offer asynchronous online writing assistance with a writing consultant. In other words, instead of helping you in person, you can email us a request and we’ll respond very soon. For online writing assistance, email us at ARC@cuaa.edu and include the following information in the body of an email so that our writing consultants can best assist you:

  • Full name & F00 #
  • Course and instructor name
  • Brief assignment description and due date
  • Include your thesis/main point
  • Please select ONE of the five areas that you would like feedback on
    • Organization
    • Content development & support
    • Style and clarity
    • Grammar/Mechanics
    • Originality (citations, originality, automated Turnitin service)

Face-to-face meetings

Be advised, if the writing consultants feel it would be better to meet in person to discuss your paper, one of them will contact you directly. You are also invited—as always—to come in for a face-to-face appointment for additional clarity on feedback delivered here, or for a more interactive session.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment with a writing coach, call the ARC at (734) 995-7460, or email us at ARC@cuaa.edu. You’re also welcome to stop by! The ARC is located on the first floor of Zimmerman Library.