We have begun the process of moving the Faculty and Staff e-mail over to Office 365. The date of this migration is: October 21st – October 24th.

Note: Your e-mail address and password will continue to stay the same.

What is being moved?

The following will be copied from your current mailbox to the new Office 365 server:

  • Mail folders (Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Deleted Items, Custom Folders)
  • Contacts (People)
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Notes

What won't be moved?

The custom contact groups (distribution lists) created in Contacts/People will NOT be copied from your current mailbox. However, you can save these manually by clicking and dragging them into an e-mail as attachments and sending them to yourself.

Will my email/calendar still work?

Once we have completed the migration processes, no disruption should be felt through your Microsoft Outlook software client on your computer. However, all mobile devices will need to be re-setup. Meaning starting on October 21st – October 24th, your mobile devices will suddenly stop receiving any new mail coming in.

Until all users complete the migration, you may not see certain users' free/busy data (Calendars).

How do I access my email on the web?

After the migration of your account is complete you can access webmail here: https://outlook.office365.com. Please make sure to bookmark this page in your preferred internet browser.

What credentials do I use to login to Webmail?

  • Email: your full Concordia email address
  • Password: your Single Sign-On password (the password you use to log into the Portal or your computer)

How do I re-setup my email on my mobile device?

After your account has been migrated, select an appropriate option from the list below to get started on setting up your Office 365 email on your mobile device:

Who do I contact for help?

If for any reason you are having trouble accessing your mailbox either through Outlook or on your mobile device, your mailbox can be accessed online at https://outlook.office365.com. Use your Concordia email address and your same Portal/computer password.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to the Concordia IT Helpdesk by phone:
734-995-7424 or email: information.technology@cuaa.edu.